Cornucopia Nanaimo

Welcome to Cornucopia, enjoy your visit!

Event Rules

Event Rules

1. Anyone entering the event must be at least 19 years age, present valid ID when requested, read the rules and sign a waiver form.

2. Anyone leaving the event must be dressed in appropriate street attire. No one is to do any scening or draw attention to themselves outside the venue.

3. Smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking areas.

4. No Drugs! Anyone deemed to be under the influence of any drug (including alcohol and prescription drugs) may be denied admittance, instructed to cease play or asked to leave the event, based on the discretion of the DM or event coordinator.

5. No photography, video or audio recording to protect member anonymity. Cornucopia occasionally employs an official photographer in specifically controlled settings for special events. Absolutely no other photography, audio or video recording allowed.

6. No cell phone use is permitted within the event space. If you must use your phone, do so outside. You will be provided with a piece of tape at the door to cover your cell phone camera

7. Restricted Play Items: Firearms, real or replica are NOT permitted on the premises. Stun Guns and Taser Guns are not permitted on the premises. Irritants such as Mace, 'Bear Spray' or Pepper spray are not allowed on the premises.

8. Do not touch anyone else's gear, toys, or body. Hands off everything without permission.

9. NO MEANS NO! ONLY YES MEANS YES - BDSM only involves consensual acts

10. NO breaking the law. Everything that takes place at the event must be legal

11. All play is to take place in the dungeon space. Anyone playing in the social area will be requested to move to the floor or stop

12. When you walk out the door at the end of the night, the images and adventures stay behind. Respect the privacy of everyone

Dungeon Space Rules

Dungeon Space Rules

1. Safe Word: The event safe word is “SAFEWORD." or "RED"

2. If a gag is used during a scene, a visual safe word MUST be established.

3. No Solo Play: This includes scenes of auto asphyxiation, masturbation, whip cracking, or individual stunting. Before the dungeon floor opens, there may be some time allowed for practicing whips or other such implements with prior arrangement with a DM

4. Do not touch anyone else's gear, toys, or body. Hands off everything without permission.

5. Do not interrupt a scene by questions or physically crowding play spaces. Allow ample time for previous players to clean up and move on.

6. Play stations are set up for the fun of all. Please be aware others may be waiting to play.

7. Clean your play station after your scene. Materials are provided, take time to wipe stations down carefully before moving on.

8. Take down scenes, knife play, Wax play, needle play, or any play intending to draw blood must be coordinated through a DM first. You must bring your own drop sheet and you must ensure the area is left clean.

9. No oral, anal or genital sex allowed. Insertable toys and fingers are allowed. A protective barrier such as a condom must be used on all insertable devices and gloves must be used on fingers

10. No scat, no Rainbow(vomit) play or watersports, this includes no making messes in diapers

11. All play involving rope must have safety shears clearly visible to a DM

12. Rope suspension scenes must have a designated spotter

13. Absolutely no play and/or sex for pay allowed on premises. You will be asked to leave

14. The Head DM has final say on all dungeon rules. If you have questions, consult with the DM team. (Our Head DM is GentlmnDom)

If you have any questions or concerns please bring them to the event hosts